The EAM features the Heavy Duty Timken Roller Bearing
Making farming easier Fireline Maintenance Harrows

Terra-Riser EAM Series Harrows

Fireline Harrow
12" Disc Spacing: 2 1/8" round axle equipped with Timken Bearings

Angled frame protects from obstacles


Model Number of Discs Cutting Width (ft) Weight (lbs)
EAM 628 (6) - 28"x3/8" notched discs 7' 2" (bedding)
6' (bush & bog)

Standard Equipment:

  • 28" diameter, 3/8" thick, cutout disk blades
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel Axles
  • Hydraulic offset, includes hydraulic cylinder
  • Optional Equipment:

  • Notched disc dimensions:
       30" diameter
       3/8" thickness
  • Scrapers

  • What makes our harrows better?

    We use the heavy duty Timken Roller Bearing in all our harrows - this bearing provides reliability as well as easy serviceability for the life of your Terra-Riser harrow.

    Timken Bearing

    EAM Series

    Turns soil toward center of lane in bedding position or outward toward the edges of the lane in the bush and bog position.
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