The EBTAC feature the Heavy Duty Timken Roller Bearing
Making farming easier Toolbar Harrows

Terra-Riser Series EBTAC Harrows

Toolbar Harrow
17 3/4" (451mm) Disk Spacing
2 1/8" (54mm) Round Axles. Equipped with Timken Bearings


Model Number of Discs Cutting Width (ft) HP Motor Req'd* Weight (lbs)
7' (bush & bog)
9'-11' (bedding)

  • Performs well in muddy or boggy conditions
  • Raise or lower tool bar to control depth of penetration
  • Gangs are reversible and tiltable
  • Angle adjustable from 15 minimum to 25 maximum
  • Tilt adjustable 8 up or down
  • Boxed angle frame for strength - provides high clearance
  • * Horsepower may vary according to soil conditions or difficult terrain.

    Standard Equipment:

  • 32" diameter, 3/8" thick, cutout disk blades
  • Scrapers

  • What makes our harrows better?

    We use the heavy duty Timken Roller Bearing in all our harrows - this bearing provides reliability as well as easy serviceability for the life of your Terra-Riser harrow.

    Timken Bearing


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