The ERCH 1236 Series Harrow features the Heavy Duty Timken Roller Bearing
Making farming easier ERCH Series Harrows

Terra-Riser Series ERCH 1236 Harrow

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Heavy Duty Hinge Offset Harrow
20" (508 mm) Disc Spacing: 2 1/2" (63.5 mm) axle equipped with Timken bearings


Model Number of Discs Cutting Width (ft) Weight (lbs)
ERH 1236
(12) - 36"x1/2" Notched disks

  • Heavy duty 1/2"x6"x10" structural steel mainframe
  • Steel Spools and Scrapers
  • Hydraulic offset including Cylinder and Hoses
  • Heavy duty US made Timken roller bearing assemblies

  • Applications:

  • Land preparation in heavy soils and thick vegetation
  • Construction and road building
  • Tilling new ground and recently deforested land
  • Deep tillage
  • ERCH 1236   ERCH 1236

    What makes our harrows better?

    We use the heavy duty Timken Roller Bearing in all our harrows - this bearing provides reliability as well as easy serviceability for the life of your Terra-Riser harrow.

    Timken Bearing

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